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Your Membership Term & Renewal

Your NCFMA Membership has a one-year term, renewable annually. Your renewal invoice is emailed 60 days prior to your renewal date, and may be paid online with a credit card or by check. You will automatically receive reminder emails 30 and 7 days prior to your due date.

Managing Your Membership in the NCFMA Member Center

(Need help logging in? Visit

Step 9

Once you log into your account, click on the yellow profile icon at the top right and then click “View Profile.”


There you will see your membership card, membership level, membership status, and more!

What Does My Membership Level Mean? 

There are two types of membership levels: Individual and Department.

An Individual Membership is purchased by and managed by one individual.

A Department Membership is purchased by and managed by a bundle administrator, on behalf of a group of members, or a department. All department members share the same status, renewal date, and membership level. Their renewals are billed collectively on one invoice which is emailed to and paid by the bundle administrator, in one easy payment.


To change your membership level, or add or remove members from a department membership, please email us at NCFMA Support at, or contact our Support Partner, Strategy Performance, at 252-937-1880, who will be happy to assist you.

What Does My Membership Status Mean? 

  • Active: A member in good standing with full member benefits (e.g. listed in member directory, access to members-only pages, etc).

  • Lapsed: A member who has lost membership privileges because of unpaid membership fees. A member's status is considered lapsed if they have not renewed their membership within 14 days following their renewal date. A lapsed member does not receive automatic renewal notices or appear in member directories, and is not allowed to view member-only pages, register using member-only registration types, or post or reply to forum topics. A lapsed member may restore their membership by paying their membership renewal.

  • Pending-New: A membership that has not been activated because it is awaiting payment of the membership fee. A member with a status of Pending - New will not be able to view member-only pages or register for events using member-only registration types, until the membership fee has been paid.

  • Pending-Renewal: A member's membership is up for renewal, and a renewal invoice has been generated, or the member has begun the renewal process, but has yet to pay the membership fee.

  • Pending-Level Change: The member has initiated a level change but is either awaiting administrator approval, or has not yet paid the membership fee for the new level (when required).

Should you need further assistance managing your membership, please email NCFMA Support at, or contact our Support Partner, Strategy Performance, at 252-937-1880, who will be happy to assist you.

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