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Saving Life and Property Through Fire Prevention

Mission Statement


The North Carolina Fire Marshals' Association is an association of fire inspection, prevention and investigation professionals located throughout the State of North Carolina dedicated to the saving of life and property through fire prevention.

Association Objectives


  • To coordinate the efforts of its members in the fields of Fire Prevention, Fire Safety Education, Fire Protection, Investigation and Suppression of Arson and Unlawful Burnings; and by doing so, endeavor to provide a more efficient and uniform Fire Prevention Program in North Carolina.

  • To distribute to its members information pertaining to Fire Prevention, Fire Safety Education, Fire Protection, and Investigation as may be available; and to assist its members in the solution of any problems which may arise in these fields.

  • To, at all times, assist and cooperate with such Associations and Organizations, Industries, Government Agencies, or Departments which share our common interest in the protection of lives and property from fire.

NC Fire Marshals Association

Amended 05/2021

NC Fire Prevention School 2017
Oct 29 2019 Educational Session
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