NC Senate Bill 762 (NC Farm Bill of 2022)

NC Fire Marshals’ Association Position Guidance

To: All NC FMA Members; Other Support Members, Agencies, & Associations

From: D. Banks Wallace – 2ⁿᵈ Vice President / Legislative Committee Chair

Date: 15 June 2022

Re: NC Senate Bill 762 (NC Farm Bill of 2022)

***Attention Members - Immediate Action Needed *** If passed, NC Senate Bill 762 will result in:

• Farm Buildings, even outside the farm, would be exempt from fire code regulation,

rendering it unsafe

• Decreased level of occupant safety & decreased fire code accountability

• Inconsistency in local interpretations due to vague language and definitions as


• Increased work and discord between farmers and code officials based on various

interpretations as presented

• Buildings on farms and in rural areas could contain explosives and unlimited unknown hazards

• Increased risk of serious injury and death to business owners, farmers, &


• Increased likelihood of tragic events similar to the recent fatal explosion that

also caused multiple firefighter injuries

There are few steps left before this bill passes as law. This is a short session, so please

contact your local senators and house members as soon as possible to voice opposition for this


Please take action to ensure safety for your communities NOW!