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Remembering B.T. Fowler

Greetings everyone,

I was contacted Thursday by a longtime friend, Inspector, Educator and former NCFMA member David Watson, who informed me that B.T. Fowler was ill and being transported to the hospital. A day later, he informed me of his passing. I knew of B.T. but I didn’t know him personally. During my family's last weekend of vacation, I found myself speaking to David and others in finding out as much as I could about Mr. B.T. Fowler. Some of you may have known him, while many of us knew very little of him. I would like to share with you some of what I have discovered.

B.T. Fowler was not just your simple inspector or educator. He was an innovator and true pioneer in our field. To speak with the people who knew him, and listen to the stories of his drive and passion of protecting the life and safety of others through education and prevention was amazing. He was a charter member of the NCFMA, spent many years on the board and in 1974 became President of our association. He was one of the original members of the NC Fire and Life Safety Association. In 2007 the NC Fire and Life Safety Association created the B.T. Fowler Lifetime Achievement Award or the Award of Excellence in his honor due to his dedication and passion. B.T. Fowler was a remarkable individual. On his 90th birthday he was the recipient of the Guardian Award from the NC State Fire Marshal, in recognition of decades of outstanding service and commitment.

Like me, most of you did not know B.T. Fowler, but do as I did and reach out to your older or former colleagues and find out more about him and his passion.

And please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Adam Cloninger

President, NCFMA


To Our Membership:

Please join me in prayer for Mr. B.T. Fowler a Charter member of our Association and a person that devoted his life to fire safety and welfare of all citizens;

Our precious Lord Jesus and Savior;

We pray upon you Lord to please bless the family and loved ones of Mr. B.T. Fowler who devoted his life to the fire and life safety of others. We are so eternally thankful for you blessing us with a person that gave so much of himself and touched the lives of so many. Please hold him in your loving arms and guide him through eternal peace and love. All praise and glory to you father. Amen.

Thomas K. Bender


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